Daily Mantra

Hi All,

I read once that visualizing one's self as a tree is a great way to stay centered within one's life. I expanded upon that thought and created a mantra that I find helps me. As with all my lessons, I hope it serves as an aid for you as well.



Daily Mantra

I am a tree. I set down roots in my life. I stand strong through upset, winds of doubt and storms of uncertainty. Unwavering in my purpose. I grow wiser, more majestic with each lesson and passing year. I am a beautiful part of something bigger than myself. I am loving and strong enough to give of myself and not wither. I am an embodiment of love and I am self-sustained. I reach my head, heart and hands to the sky in thanks for each day. Each sunshine. Each rain storm. It is through these changes that I grow. I learn. I stand firm. I am grounded.