Lost and Found Chapter 5: Creating Freedom

Hi All,

So the fifth and final song from my five month long project, Lost and Found touches on a topic that I believe to be very essential in creating peace in our lives: creating freedom. My interpretation of freedom is synonymous with serenity and happiness. Personal freedom can be extremely relative. It truly depends on what one equates happiness to be.

I can only speak for myself. Personal freedom and happiness in my own life is derived from letting go of past experiences, learning from my mistakes, loving myself and in turn loving others. Truly being present in the moment and expressing gratitude daily. These aformentioned points become intention with dedication and conscious, applied effort.

Letting go of past experiences can be difficult. When someone has wronged us, letting that hurt go can at times feel like we are excusing the poor behavior that we dealt with. But why would we want to hold onto pain? Holding onto pain is choosing to play the victim and that is a role that once habitually taken can become an excuse for how we approach life and treat others. Well, I've been hurt, people aren't shit... so I'm going to be selfish and only look out for myself.

I'm not here for the victim life. You can choose to let past hurt craft your future or you can choose to live in the current moment, open your mind and make room in your heart for peace. You have no control over others' actions; you only have control over how you react to them. And there is simply no excuse to treat people poorly. All you do when you act in a selfish manner is block your blessings. If blessings move through an energy created funnel...you truly shut that funnel down. You rack up a karmic bill that you have to pay back.

It hurts to forgive sometimes, but there is strength in not allowing someone else's pain to become internalized. The facts of the matter are that hurt people hurt people. Recognizing this fact makes it easier not to take things personally and understand that people really are doing the best they can. Even when their best is really subpar. I always say that people utilize the emotional tools they have access to. Sometimes those tools are faulty and limited. Deciding to lead by example and not feeding into poor behavior is truly the best way to not take in negative energy nor harbor resentment. There is true strength in being objective and granting forgiveness.

Learning from past mistakes is closely tied to letting go of past experiences. Serenity begs us to realize that everything happens for a reason. We are always exactly where we are supposed to be at any given time. Ego claws at us to understand every single thing as it's happening, but serenity is humble and knows that we have to let go of that need for control. There are lessons to be learned daily; normally it is in the situations in which we are most unhappy or confused that we are provided with the biggest lessons and opportunities for growth.

There is a very popular saying: Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. When we say we want something, are we actually ready for what we are calling into our space? The universe tests us to see if we are in a position to appreciate what we are seeking. If we do not take heed to the tests that the universe sends us, we will continue to be tried. So rather than seek distractions and ignore opportunities for knowledge, we must learn to be still in the moment that we are in. Once the situation has passed I feel we can look back objectively and discover what we need to evolve moving forward.

Growing and elevating to a higher plane of awareness is truly something to be grateful for. It deepens our love for self. Subsequently, when we become an embodiment of love we are able to love others more fully. It radiates from within us and attracts like energy into our space. The road to self love is not easy. It requires sticking to your guns, not becoming defeated by life's lessons but truly understanding that in order to become the most beautiful version of one's self we must be tested. When life starts throwing me curve balls, when I feel stuck...I know I am supposed to stop and pay attention to what I am feeling. I know that it is a time for growth, for a deeper understanding and love of myself.

Ego tries to fight any discomfort and blocks love of self. It does not want to see the lesson it only wants to be "safe" and at ease. Ego is serenity's arch enemy. It does not relax, it does not see the bigger picture. It sees what it wants in the immediate moment rather than what it needs. The universe is love and it calls us to realize our place in the grand scheme. I do believe that in order for our self love to be strong, ego has to be let go of. I struggle with this daily. But I know I want freedom, so I dust myself off daily and keep working at it. I do not know if it's possible to fully rid one's self of ego while still in human form, but we must try to get as close as we can in this life.

I am grateful. Everyday is an opportunity to move closer to becoming free. Truly. Because with each hurdle, we have the chance to evolve to a higher level of self. Loosen the reigns of ego and let life flow through you. Allow yourself to gravitate to what is good for you. Welcome in the positive and do not become defeated by negative situations. They are brought to you to prepare you for what to come. The best is yet to come. Life is what we make it and I hope you choose to be free.